Tuesday, November 9

I Dream of Jeanie

I can’t tell you how lucky I am.

For the past few weeks, my family has been embroiled in medical chaos. My grandmother recently had a large cerebral stroke that left her in a coma and on life support. After a week on pins and needles, our entire extended family bid her goodbye as she left this dimension and transitioned on to the next.

Jeanie Bullock was the mother of seven children and oversaw throngs of grandchildren. I feel incredibly lucky for the time that I spent with her learning her cooking secrets (of which there are too many to count), and listening to her unbelievable stories.

As a memoir for my grandmother, I edited together this podcast for those who miss her and also those who weren’t fortunate enough to meet her.

Grandma Jean, you’ll be missed so much.


Camille Livingston said...

Wow, Gavin. Thanks so much for doing this. Great job and amazing tribute!!

terese said...

It's wonderful to hear mom's voice....it's as though she is sitting right on her Blairsville porch, chatting to you, while you scarf down some of her Cowboy Cookies.


Anonymous said...

This means a lot. I wish we had done more of this as a family, but I am so glad that you got up and made it happen.

Aunt Ginny said...

Gavin, you are a gem! One day the sound of mom's laughter will bring smiles & not tears. I can't believe you had all that audio. She was a special lady. I loved her & I miss her. Thank you, Ginny

Amy said...

Gavin, thank you so much for this gift. Hearing Jeanie's voice made me feel she was sitting across the table from me.

Judith said...

Your mom sent me this blog entry about your grandmother Jeanie. How beautiful and moving your tribute is! And what a fine woman Jeanie was. We were fortunate to have her as president of Friends of Union County Library, Georgia. She did her job with enormous grace and charm. She is missed.

Mallory said...

Thanks Gavin. Do you have any more of her telling stories? It's Mallory

Joyce Wohlers said...

Gavin, you don't know us, but we spent a lot of time praying for you over the years! We met your Grandma and Pete at the B&B and stayed there many times over the years. We spent most of our anniversaries there and often celebrated Jeanie's birthday with them and had some relly fun New Years there too. They made us feel like family and we feel like we know all of you too. There is no way to put into words how much she meant to us or how deeply she touched our lives. Thank you for this beautiful tribute to her. I needed to hear her voice again. We will keep your family in our prayers! (By the way...she was really proud of you!)
Much Love,
Joyce and Doug Wohlers