Tuesday, August 10

Charged Up

It's nearing the end of the summer semester, and I'm buzzing with excitement.

For our last Innovation project, we got to work with Kaitlyn Trigger from AKQA here in San Francisco. She talked with us all about how much communication is changing (Advertising in particular). She forewarned that objects such as print ads and standard marketing materials are bleeding their last drops of effectiveness. "We've entered the Experience Economy," she said, as she talked about different Brands that are focusing more on doing rather than saying. Combining Jesse Schell's ideas on the power of games ("The Gamepocalypse") and this heightened importance on experiences rather than messages, we were given our final project. Kaitlyn challenged us to take a crappy experience that we've recently had with a brand, and apply game-thinking or game mechanics to make it more enjoyable.

Though I'm constantly active, I do my best to avoid the gym. For me endless reps and questionable sanitary conditions take the fun out of getting my heart rate up. Thus, I chose to innovate the idea of a gym by creating a new business model that allows for digital interactions, community involvement, and environmental consideration. In our increasingly networked world, it made sense to take an achievement based activity (exercising) and design a way to blend it with digital trends.

Through my research, I discovered that most, if not all gyms are individually focused. Aside from group workout classes and new fitness friendships, I couldn't find too much outward involvement, excluding the YMCA. I then identified cultural gaps in both how people interact with their fitness environment, and also how fitness establishments interact with their respective surroundings.

For this project, I created VOLT: a new idea for a gym.

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Sean said...

Dude, very creative idea. You should probably keep a portfolio of these ideas to further expand on them in the future, and, equally as important, to get some of these ideas patented. WORD up