Saturday, February 6

Live! with ALO

One thing I love is breaking by own perceptions.

I love getting it wrong, and learning from my misjudgments. Like the idea that all big rock stars are jerks, I was blown away this past Thursday when I met the guys from ALO (or, Animal Liberation Orchestra). Hailing from Santa Barbara and the Bay Area, ALO has toured all over the US with Jack Johnson and Matt Costa. Their music particularly resonates with earth-love surfer types and anyone with an ear for mellow grooves. I walked down to KFOG's studios, where I'd been invited for a private concert to promo their upcoming show. I arrived a little early and after handshakes and warm introductions, I helped them unload their gear and trucked it upstairs.

You'll like their music if:
  • You like mellow grooves with keyboards and slide guitars
  • You listen to artists on Jack Johnson's "Brushfire Records" label
  • You can feel music in your body
You probably will pass on their music if:
  • You hate being coerced into dancing/ rhythmic gyration
  • You prefer walking through fields of sandspurs
  • You find yourself in a bad mood when listening to music that makes you think of the ocean, good friendship, and enjoying life
Awesome guys, and it was even better getting to hang out with them for a few hours. I managed to snag some audio on my phone before talking with the guys after the show. They were excited to hear about the blog and wanted to share a little message with my readers.

How does that sound?

You can hear more of their stuff by checking out their MySpace page or perhaps visiting their homepage.

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