Saturday, January 30

The Pied Piper of San Francisco


I'm back in San Francisco and during a walk though Golden Gate Park with a friend, we stumbled upon this guy. It's amazing how transfixing something as simple as bubbles can be when they're huge and slowly lumbering through the air. Perhaps like campfires (which I've heard called, "Nature's Televisions" for their transfixitive ability), maybe there's something in the brain that gets befuddled and shifted into neutral when faced with something so amorphous.

Think that's far fetched? Check out the video and see if you're not at least a little bit captivated.


Anonymous said...

Trippy! Very beautiful...the physics of bubbles, yeah....Golden Gate Park is still full of fascinating folks, doing amazing things...just like back in the 1960's heyday.....FRONIS

RichmondSFBlog said...

Wonderful footage. It is mesmerizing! I posted it on my Richmond District blog as well.


Sarah B.