Monday, January 4

Live! with Corey Webb

Things are sounding just right for right now.

I'm back in Charleston for a month-long break and getting a chance to reconnect with some old friends and musicians. I went to middle school with Corey Webb, an emerging folk troubadour back before he'd honed his own musical style and had taken Charleston by storm. Today I hung out at his house which overlooks the lowcountry marsh. We talked a lot about music, people, nature, and where we're all headed. Then, we recorded some songs.

Give them a listen. Feel free to support another great Charleston independent musician who dedicates himself to changing the world around him for the greater good.

How does that sound?

His solo work can be heard/ purchased here. He also sings with some like-minded and extremely talented musicians in his other band, "Bodies Full of Magic". Listen to them here.

The tracks above can be appreciated by downloading below.

<a href="">The Dust In Between by How Does It Sound</a>

<a href="">Perfect Mouth by How Does It Sound</a>

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